Ambire is a next-generation Web3 wallet focused on DeFi and the EVM ecosystem. It supports hardware wallets, connect any dApp, transaction fee management, NFT support, deposits to DeFi protocols, Swaps, cross-chain transfers and others.

We joined the project as a tech partner with no previous experience in Web3 development but thanks to our experienced developers we became an essential part of the team.

Check it out live: ambire.com

used technologies

Tech stack front-end

React, Typescript, CRA, ethers.js, Ledger SDK, Gnosis, WalletConenct, Trezor SDK, Yearn SDK, Sass, Charts

Tech stack back-end

NodeJS, Express, Ethers, MongoDB, Redis, TOTP, BigQuery

Tech stack mobile app

React, React Native, Expo (bare workflow), TypeScript, i18next, Ethers, WalletConnect, Gnosis

Landing page

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Ambire Wallet

learned .

Diving into the crypto world is a challenge at a whole new level. It is a constant game of learning, testing, and improving and requires extreme knowledge and patience. If you want to be one step ahead, you should always be up to date with the latest changes and ready to apply innovative solutions.

What Ambire brings?

Web3 tool for the Web2 people

DeFi is still a very niche industry with steep onboarding and a long learning curve, but the Ambire Wallet keeps the complexity under the hood and provides a smooth experience for crypto newcomers.

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Case study


An award winning mobile application, assembled in our laboratory.

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