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Legit Sign



A multitenant platform that provides digital document signing and storage for business and individual users. The high-level security is achieved via identity verification of users/companies, multi-factor authentication, and audit logs. Signatures are created with secure-stored self-signed certificates and/or cloud KMS.

The biggest challenge was to assemble a reusable architecture of services on both front-end and back-end, which allowed us to achieve multitenancy, security, and flexibility for solving diverse customer use cases.

Check it out live: legitsign.com

used technologies

Tech stack front-end

PDF.js, React, Redux, CRA, axios, i18next, socket.io, styled-components, Flexbox, formik, yup, mjml

Tech stack back-end

Docker, NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, Redis, JWT, esig’s Digital Signature Service, Puppeteer, Scaleway Object storage, Cloudflare, Various 3d parties such as KYC & SMS solutions


Wireframes, Prototyping, Sketch, Invision, Zeplin

Branding & Icons

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learned .

To create a digital product that meets all the legally binding requirements for a specific country, you need extensive knowledge of both programming and law. In order to guarantee the validity of the electronic signatures and the legitimacy of our software, we had to integrate the highest security standards and protocols and combine them with complex technological solutions.

What Legit Sign brings?

Paperless business

Legit Sign reduces costs, spares time, and optimizes internal processes with the help of e-identification, legally-binding e-signatures, flexible workflows, audit logs, and many others.

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