We're a team of makers, thinkers and explorers.

Meet the team who is not afraid of challenging tasks, busy days, and running the extra mile, because we always make time to play board games, have coffee breaks together, and talk politics, crypto or family drama.

Teo Teodosiev

Founded the company in the same year when iPhone (1st generation) was announced.

Teo Teodosiev (CEO not in residence)Son of the ex-CEO, brother of Preso, in relationship with the CFO, dever of the Product Designer. Father.

Gogo Stoyanov

Joined the team when Instagram was founded.

Gogo Stoyanov (CTO & Operations)Troublemaker, Jack of all trades (master of none), Father of 👭, Beer abuser.

Preso Teodosiev

Atlassian Acquired Bitbucket.org when we acquired him.

Preso Teodosiev (Operations)Well known for his ice-breaking skills, Shape-shifter.

Ivo Yankov

Made his way into the company just when Windows 8 was in the making.

Ivo Yankov (Back-end Developer)Board game Master, I don't reinstall Windows!!!

Yavor Ivanov

Joined devlabs while Node.js' current version was still 0.something.

Yavor Ivanov (Back-end Engineer)A silent genius who knows how to exit Vim.

Itskata Eftimov

Stepped in the office a day before Kalo. Always a step ahead!

Itskata Eftimov (Web Developer)Party-time bus driver, Sportswear model, Bartender.

Bobby Itskov

Joined the team a few days after Coutinho joined Liverpool.

Bobby Itskov (Blockchain Developer)日本好き.

Nadezhda Serafimova

Initialized her first terminal in the office in the year of React's initial release

Nadezhda Serafimova (Front-end Engineer)Travel adventurer addicted to nature.

Botzy Dimitrova

Became an official member of the team around the time when HTML5 was officially released.

Botzy Dimitrova (Front-end Engineer)Moto girl, loves Touring, Photography & Cooking.

Zhan Egikyan

Two months after the most retweeted message of all time - Ellen's selfie at the Oscars, Kalo bet his liver that Zhan is the right guy for us.

Zhan Egikyan (Project Management & Server Admin)Resident geek & Natural problem solver.

Vesko Bratanov

Started his career in the company months before ES6 was released.

Vesko Bratanov (Back-end Engineer)The mastermind behind every collage FOFISA, Community radio inventor, Allergic to sports.

Ivtsata Atanasov

Amazon bought Twitch.tv when we brought Ivtsata.

Ivtsata Atanasov (Firefighter)Master procrastinator, Semi-audiophile, Amateur truck driver

Moni Hristova

Became a Junior Developer with us during the year of Android Marshmallow.

Moni Hristova (Mobile Developer)Health enthusiast & Full-time Mama, Sand castle architect, All day everyday life coach, Chaos coordinator, Playground medic.

Marti Teodosieva

Figma has not been released yet when she joined.

Marti Teodosieva (Product Designer)Shh, I hear colours...

Niki Atanasow

Won a spot in our lab a few days before Lewis Hamilton won his 3rd World Title in F1.

Niki Atanasow (Back-end Engineer)Sports car enthusiast, Always driving. Sometimes racing.

Ceco Mihaylov

Ceco chose us to switch into programming when Trump was elected for President.

Ceco Mihaylov (Back-end Engineer)Likes high mountains & good music.

Snezhi Trifonova

Bowie and Prince were still alive when she took over our finance endeavour.

Snezhi Trifonova (CFO)Phoenician successor, Tennis player on hold, Baby hugger at present.

Teddy Ivanova

BAYC was released 2 months after she came for a first time to the FOFISA.

Teddy Ivanova (Marketing & Projects)Zen philosopher & Avid learner.

Mimi Georgieva

Joined our tribe during the second year of COVID.

Mimi Georgieva (Accountant)Book junkie & wine lover.

Zhivko Zhelyazkov

Started his mission in devlabs while Putin was on a mission to 'free' Ukraine.

Zhivko Zhelyazkov (Mobile Developer)Master chef, Musician, Back alley tattooist, Professional shitposter.

Boyan Kirov

Joined the team, the same month ChatGPT was released

Boyan Kirov (Back-end Engineer)Former professional poker player, Free market enthusiast, Loves competition.

Teodora Todorova

Signed with us a month after Messi won the World Cup

Teodora Todorova (Office Manager)Ex-model, order enthusiast, seeks solace in nature, loves trekking.

Ivelin Megdanov

Kicked off his tech career a few weeks before Bing went AI

Ivelin Megdanov (Front-end Engineer)A die-hard fan of Japanese cars with a soft spot for Mazda's rotary engines.

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Life at devlabs

Personal approach

At devlabs, one’s background, experience, or education plays no role! What’s important to us is passion, consistency, and results. We like to give an equal chance to everyone eager to learn and grow. We don’t follow selection process rules, but use a personal approach and put one’s individuality first. We believe this is the answer to the following equation “devlabs family = 78% of people working for 5+ years + 22% on their way”

Workshops & Meetups

We love to spend time discussing not only trivial development patterns, but also topics that we feel passionate about. From tips and tricks on how to improve your online profile security, good blockchain practices, and innovations to car importing and travel advice. We like to organize various workshops and meetups and even invite guests to the office who could share their own experiences.

Communities, communities, communities

When it comes to passion and interests we have managed to stay on top of the heap. Our differences, yet similarities shaped multiple communities which we like to call dev_clubs where we talk about various topics - Sports, Cooking, Politics, Games, Investments, Traveling, Crypto…you name it!

Help from a friend

Being colleagues is the natural outcome of being friends in the first place. When it comes to home removals, renovations, babysitting, and even technical struggles - yes, we do talk about work too, we always help each other! We even hang out after work as it seems that “nine-to-five” is simply not enough.

Vox Populi

We discuss important matters together and make decisions as a team. Everyone can address his concerns and share his ideas and thoughts, without being judged. We embrace the freedom to ask all sorts of questions, even the tough ones, and are always honest with each other.