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Smart Contract

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Your Ideas Realised

Our extensive knowledge, honed experience and refined skills would turn your ideas into reality.

We take great pride in being a front-runner in the blockchain industry. With our in-house approach, from initial planning to final product, we expertly navigate the unique challenges of the Web3 world and provide innovative solutions to bring your vision to life.


Swap Feature Development

We have extensive experience developing swap features for numerous EVM networks aiming to limit the complexity for the end user through a single interface.

Our expertise includes blockchain MVP development for crypto limit orders by using decentralised oracle networks; supporting the execution of decentralised limit orders.

We are also skilled at building a wallet login SDK feature allowing users to easily connect to the crypto world.

The tech stack is
Solidity, Еthers.js, Hardhat, React, Web3-react

Smart contracts development

We are proficient in implementing core functionalities to Mirror Node and JSON-RPC bridge to existing hashgraph projects.

We also have the competence to develop tools for hashgraph-based platforms aiming to generate friendly experience for the end developer using those platforms.

The tech stack is
NodeJS + TypeScript, Solidity, EthersJS, Hardhat, Docker
Core capabilities

A Web3 Gaming Portal

Our team has helped in the development of a cross-platform desktop application that serves as a central hub for accessing Web3 games and metaverse events.

The application allows users to easily browse and play a diverse selection of blockchain-based games and participate in various metaverse events.


Building NFT Marketplaces

We are capable of creating tools development for a community-driven NFT universe, such as NFT widgets with integrated marketplace functionality and wallet connection and an NFT drop support features.

Building POAP NFTs

Our area of expertise includes supporting the development of NFT Certificates for course completion & POAP NFT for attendance. We can help you create fully customisable NFT diploma certificates.

We truly believe that Web3 is the future. We as individuals are eligible to make independent choices and reclaim ownership of our own digital assets. The numbers prove it.

$1.06 Trillion

Global Crypto market cap

1.032 Million

Ethereum Transactions per day

85.08 Million

Blockchain wallet users

$7.2 Million

NFT Sales Volume in 24 hours

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What our Partners share


“We've been partners with devlabs for more than a year now and have worked with a few talents from their team. They've shown professionalism, good work ethic and understanding of the technology stack we've been working with.”


“We worked with devlabs on a crypto project and I couldn't be happier with the results. The team was professional, knowledgeable, and always available to answer any questions. They took the time to understand our business needs and provided valuable insights throughout the development process.Their expertise in the Web3 sphere exceeded my expectations.”


“The team is a trusted source for tech talent in web3. They came on board when we needed blockchain developers and did great! We were impressed with their professional approach, experience, and the successful execution of the project.”

Looming Tech

At devlabs, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of experience to our partners and clients.

Our blockchain development studio adheres to a basic principle - we create custom blockchain solutions by fusing the limitless potential of the Web3 world with our experience and your vision.

We understand scalability, modern financial infrastructures and tokenomics, Web3 governance, dapp UX and much more. This makes us the trusted partner you need for the trustless world.

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